MonomerChem was established in 1997 to provide custom synthesis for the pharmaceutical industry. Our team is highly experienced both in reaction troubleshooting and in the isolation and purification of organic compounds. Our labs are located in Durham North Carolina on South Alston Avenue, adjacent to Research Triangle Park. In general, we provide multi-step custom synthesis of heterocycles, carbocycles, and peptides on scales ranging from milligrams to kilograms with purities ranging from 95 to 97%. Typical projects executed in our labs include:
  • Synthesis of proprietary key intermediates with or without procedures
  • Synthesis of proprietary active compounds
  • Design of new synthetic routes that avoid expensive/toxic reagents
  • Optimization studies for poor yielding compounds including reduction to practice
  • Final compounds are characterized using standard methods such as HNMR analysis (500 MHz) and LCMS
Monomerchem uses state-of-the-art laboratory equipment for all standard organic transformations.